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Do you regard YOUR wedding entertainment as important as I regard your wedding day?

Your Wedding Day is about love and being with the people that matter most in your life. You are spending time with family and friends on YOUR special day, and of course the one you love most in the world.

I have always had a passion for music, that passion had driven me forward to create some memorable moments on your wedding day, not only as your DJ but also your wedding host.

My name is Chris Burford and I look forward to working with you on your special day.
Your Special Day
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Services I Provide

• Client Consultation
• Planning
• Production of Ceremony Music
• Master of Ceremonies
• Evening Entertainment
Party Packs

Party Packs available - POA
Your Special Day

Your wedding day should be one of if not the most important days of your life, how do you want to remember it?
Meet Me

You wouldn't choose your caterer or photographer without meeting them first so why not meet your wedding DJ!
I am more than happy to meet with you at your home, or the venue, your home is a natural choice as it enables you to relax after a hard days work.
The Ceremony

If you are having your wedding at a venue then you do need to know a few things about how your music will play an important part.
The duty manager or maybe a trusted friend can be put in charge but what if I was to offer my professional services instead.
If you are interested in hearing more then please contact me.
Drinks Reception

One of the most underrated parts of the day, this part of your wedding day is usually the time when you have your photographs taken while guests drink Pimms and eat canapés, how would you feel if some music was being played in the back ground.
The Wedding Breakfast

The photographs have been taken, and it's now time for you and your guests to enjoy a lovely meal to celebrate YOUR marriage, the wedding breakfast is the first meal as a married couple, hence the name Breakfast!
Imagine your guests all stood up, cheering and clapping as you enter the room...
As your wedding host or Master of ceremonies I will ensure that this will happen, introducing you into the room with a little narrated story of how you met and have come to this very special day.
So... Formalities over and time to relax before the evening starts...
The Evening Party

I have DJ'd for over 1000 weddings in my career and everyone has been different, YOUR wedding celebration can be whatever you want it to be.
Now we can talk music, everyone has their favourite songs, why not plan the music with me, create your own song list, songs when you were at school, college or university, maybe big family songs, anthems from holidays together, everyone has a story of a particular piece of music.
The Wedding Cake

Why have a cake cutting? There are many traditions associated with the wedding cake.
Wedding cakes date back all the way to the Roman Empire. These days, the tradition of cutting the cake as a couple is ever more popular.
Wedding cakes are symbolic from the time they were created, brides and their grooms may even become emotional as they cut their cake. The beginning of a new life as husband and wife.
Your First Dance

Is the most important track of the night, how do you want to feel when this happens, are you planning on something special to WOW your guests or maybe just something simple and invite guests onto the floor to join you.
I always find that a wedding has  beginning, a middle and an End, the beginning is your First dance, the middle is after the buffet and the End, well we all know what happens then....or do we! How would you like your wedding day to end?
Mum of Groom
Well worth every penny

Bride to be Cheryl
Stuart and I have Chris booked for our wedding in a few weeks, we have had two meetings with Chris the first one we were both blown away with what he has to offer the second was to make sure everything was in order for our big day and evening, so we can assure you that he is worth every penny.
Chris Burford
68 Hatherden Road, Charlton, Andover SP10 4AW

Office: 01264 354 820
Mobile: 07956 361 149

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